ISA1ColorPosJames McNay BSc (Hons) MIFireE CFSP MIET, Lead Technical Safety Consultant for Micropack (Engineering), the leading global provider of fire and gas detection consultancy and visual flame detection systems has been appointed as the Fire and Gas Chair of the Safety and Cybersecurity Division of the ISA.

Micropack were involved in the development of what is now referred to as ‘Fire and Gas Mapping’, and are often referred to as the inventors of the field. Micropack has developed its own suite of mapping tools, and through years of experience in the field has developed the methodologies which can be seen widely across the industry today. In fact Micropack have been applying the principals behind the guidance found in ‘ISA TR84.00.07: Guidance in the Evaluation of Fire and Gas System Effectiveness’ since the early 1990s, some 15 years before its inception. The appointment of James to the role of Chair reflects the unwavering commitment Micropack have had to ensuring fire and gas detection systems are designed appropriately for the environment for which they are to be installed.

For over 30 years, MICROPACK has been actively working within the oil & gas industry and is today recognised as the specialist in fire and gas detection technologies. In addition to pioneering in the field of optical fire and gas detection, MICROPACK is also experienced in fire research work and the effects of offshore environmental conditions on optical detection methods. This subsequently led to MICROPACK developing its own range of mapping tools, capable of quantifying the performance of fire and gas detection systems. MICROPACK applied its unique expertise and technology in its own range of products, including the market leading FDS range of Visual Flame Detectors.

Commenting on the appointment, James McNay said: “I am delighted to have been appointed successor to Mike Scott as Fire and Gas Chair. Mike has done fantastic work within the committee and I will aim to continue that development of the field. The idea of Fire and Gas Mapping is regarded by many to be within its infancy, but I hope to bring the vast experience we have here at Micropack to the forefront and improve the field in general, and help make people aware there is far more to Fire and Gas design than just the colourful pictures. This is especially relevant at a time when end users are keen on implementing optimised, cost effective solutions in light of the current markets. We as designers therefore have a responsibility to ensure an adequate level of safety is maintained at a time when financial constraints can be very demanding.”

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